Boise Named #1

Making the cut once again! This time it’s Boise turn to show up as number one on a ‘best of list’. This time Boise has been named overall winner and top dog in the west by Outside Magazines August is 2010 Best Towns Survey issue. Read more

Major Price Reductions?

It is often alarming to pull up the days MLS listings and see 151 new listings and 410 listings with price reductions. To the casual observer this may appear to be panic sales, a holy cow what’s going on with the market moment. Read more

Congrats Boise and Meridian!

Two cities in the treasure valley made ‘best of’ lists this past week. Two very different lists. The first CNN Money 100 Best Places to Live put Meridian at 62. Read more

Holy Screamin’ Interest Rates Batman!

Holy cow! Freddie Mac announced yesterday that the average 30 year fixed mortgage rate hit a record breaking 4.58% this week, shattering the previous record (just last week) of 4.67%. Read more

Thinking of a Stategic Foreclosures-Better Watch Out!

A buzz word floating around the real estate world these days is ‘strategic foreclosure’. These foreclosures are not done because homeowners are facing hardship, forcing them to turn their keys over to the bank. No, these are homeowners that can afford to make their mortgage payments while watching their home values plummet and they now owe much more than their home is worth.

Read more