Economy Looking Up – reasons to be upbeat…

I recently read an article in the Washington Post by Neil Irvin outlining 5 reasons to stay upbeat about the economy.
1. A steep rise in imports has drug down the economy. With many world economies doing better that the US exports may be set to rise above that of imports in the coming quarters which will improve domestic growth. Read more

What Happens When Interest Rates Go Up? 

As I go about the business of getting ready for the day the Today show is generally playing in the background, if something peaks my interest I wander out to stand in front of the TV and watch want is being discussed. Today Show financial experts, Barbara Corcoran and Jean Chatzky bantered back and forth about the pros and cons of renting vs. buying this morning. I don’t always agree with Corcoran but she’s always interesting. Read more

For Sale Signs Dot the North End

September’s real estate market is looking more like a spring market. Everyone always talks about spring being the quintessential time to get your house on the market, people wanting to move during the summer months before children head back to school and I always respond people move year round. Read more