Idaho top job growth by 2012?

A friend had asked me a couple days ago if I had seen a best/worst housing markets predictions list the other day and if so what did I think of it. I hadn’t seen this particular article and when I did read it my comment to her was that I didn’t think much of it. Read more

Lessons from the North

While 1 in 4 homes in the US is thought to be worth less than the mortgage held the situation is much different for our neighbors to the north – Canada. I recently heard a statistic that put our current housing mess into perspective. In 2010 there where more foreclosure notices sent out in the state of California than where sent out for the entire county in 2005 (as I had heard on a MarketWatch podcast last week). Wow! Read more

New housing starts up in 2011

While out with clients earlier this week I was startled to see so much new construction popping up, primarily in the Meridian area. Obviously there are builders out there feeling confidence in the direction the valley economy is moving. Read more

2011 Real Estate Outlook

It’s a new year, a new start but are we looking at the same old real estate market? Many are saying we hit bottom the second half on 2010 and are on a slow rebound. With 5 months of increased sales, lower inventory than has been seen in several years we may be passed the worst.

I predict Read more