Major FHA Changes on the way!

In the coming months FHA will be implementing changes, and most would say not for the better. First time buyers better get a crackin’ because these changes will most likely be effecting them the most! Read more

More shortages hurting the real estate market.

Well over a year ago I wrote about the looming shortage of qualified trades people available to build new houses. When you go from gang-buster building to a dead  stand still things are going to change. In many cases experienced carpenters, plumbers, and framers decided it was time to change careers. Many went back to school to learn other vocations or into police and fire academies, these people are not going to go back into construction. I know many builders have had a rough time finding qualified help.

But what about other housing related industries that were hurt in the great down-turn of 2008? Read more

2013 Boise Real Estate Predictions

So how well did I do with last years predictions? On most points pretty good! Idaho unemployment sits at about 7.1% with a strong lead in construction. The number of distressed homes (short sales and bank owned) on the market continued to drop and has stayed pretty steady at about 24%. Read more