The society of wanters

The third anniversary of the housing melt down in just a couple months away. I remember so clearly when the floor fell out and the economy took a nose dive. September 2008. My Mom had passed away almost a month to the day before this black cloud descended on the U.S. Some may think that is odd remember this so clearly but I so vividly remember thinking at least she didn’t have this to worry about (and mom was a worrier!).

I think everyone though “let’s hold tight, this will pass like previous recessions and things will return to the way it was, shortly.” But a year passed, then two and now we approach three and this appears to be our new ‘norm’ for the time being. For awhile I though that this may end up being a positive for a lot of people. Maybe large groups of people would change their attitudes, figuring out what really mattered. Maybe the wanting would cease, but it hasn’t.

I am a bit shocked by how little most people have change. I have seen homeowners a month away from loosing there home, pull it together at the eleventh hour just to celebrate by buying new cars and going on vacation or adding a pool. I see homes trying to sell as a short-sale filled to the brim with what looks like a serious HSN addiction. The unemployed and underemployed who will only accept a job is the employer is willing to work with their schedule or meet their income requirements. I see buyers who want to buy homes but were never save money for a down payment and don’t understand why their credit score is a disaster. I guess I am disappointed so many are not willing to do the hard work to change their life, they simply want and think it should land in their lap. There still seems to be so much wanting with not a lot of willingness to do the work or even to learn positive lessons through these difficult times.

There are definitely many that are out there working hard to get what they need and want but still so many would rather complain, blame and not put much effort into changing their circumstance. We will recover and I for one hope it comes with a change in attitude with a large dose of gratitude.

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