How housing inventory is hurting recovery.

The National Association of Realtors has recently reported that raw housing inventory is at a 13 year low nationally. I don’t know if locally (Boise/Meridian Idaho) we are that low as our statistics are not so readily available but we are down to levels I have never seen in 12 years as a licensed broker. Read more

2013 Boise Real Estate Predictions

So how well did I do with last years predictions? On most points pretty good! Idaho unemployment sits at about 7.1% with a strong lead in construction. The number of distressed homes (short sales and bank owned) on the market continued to drop and has stayed pretty steady at about 24%. Read more

Housing Inventory is Low!

Ada County housing inventory is at historic low levels. In July 2007 we hit a high of 5198 available homes for sale, today we have less than half that many homes available (only 2538!). Read more