Valley Housing Shortage

I’ve been talking about rising rents and the lack of single family homes available for rent for months. Now it appears the same thing is poised to happen to apartment dwellers. Apartment occupancy are at a staggering 98% according to the IBR. The Treasure Valley has approximately 20,000 units which currently rent for significantly less than other metropolitan areas. As with everything when demand raises so will the price. Read more

What Happens When Interest Rates Go Up? 

As I go about the business of getting ready for the day the Today show is generally playing in the background, if something peaks my interest I wander out to stand in front of the TV and watch want is being discussed. Today Show financial experts, Barbara Corcoran and Jean Chatzky bantered back and forth about the pros and cons of renting vs. buying this morning. I don’t always agree with Corcoran but she’s always interesting. Read more

Boise Rental Boom

Do you own rental property or have thought about owning investment property? It is remarkable how many inquiries I receive from people looking for single family homes to rent. These are families that do not want to live in apartments or other multi-family units. I’m far from the only agent receiving these calls. Read more