Boise Real Estate Predictions 2012

Ah to just have a crystal ball! But then again with out any surprises life would seem a bit dull. The best anyone can do is take an educated stab at what life may hold so here it goes.  Read more

Idaho Unemployment Numbers Down!

Unemployment numbers have hit a 2 year low, dipping below the national average to 8.8%. Nationally the lower unemployment numbers are said to include an unknown number of individuals who have given up on the possibility of finding work…hope that isn’t the case locally! I do know that people are finding jobs here. Micron Technology for one has been on a major hiring frenzy this past year and the sad think is most of the recruits are coming in from out of the area. They seem to have exhausted our pool of local talent.

The society of wanters

The third anniversary of the housing melt down in just a couple months away. I remember so clearly when the floor fell out and the economy took a nose dive. September 2008. My Mom had passed away almost a month to the day before this black cloud descended on the U.S. Some may think that is odd remember this so clearly Read more

The news media slant…beware

Despite the Idaho Statements best efforts to thwart the local real estate market many feel there has never been a better time to buy a home.  Mortgage rates have fallen for 8 consecutive weeks (a 50 year low), the local housing affordability has never been better and although home prices are expected to continue to decline the long term benefits of homeownership remain intact. Prices declined as much as 7.5% in April but according to CoreLogic if you exclude the distressed sales the market only declined 0.5%. Read more

Boise Named #1

Making the cut once again! This time it’s Boise turn to show up as number one on a ‘best of list’. This time Boise has been named overall winner and top dog in the west by Outside Magazines August is 2010 Best Towns Survey issue. Read more