Meridian, Idaho

Welcome to the fastest growing city in Idaho and the second largest city in Idaho! A generation ago Meridian was a small outpost of 10,000 people in the midst of vast tracts of agricultural land with dairy farming being the primary industry. Meridian still celebrate its roots with the annual Dairy Days Celebration each June. The Meridian population tripled between 1990 and 2000 with the current population of approximately 76,000. Because of Meridian’s remarkable growth in the last 20 years, the majority of residential neighborhoods in the city are relatively new.

Meridian retains its small town friendliness and style while offering many recreational and community activities and amenities like Roaring Spring Water Park and Wazoos at the corner of Meridian Rd and I-84. Meridian is a thriving, growing community with hundreds of retail merchants, manufacturers and professional services located just a few miles from the capital city Boise. Meridian is working hard to change its image as a bedroom community to one with its own autonomy. The city’s urban renewal agency is spearheading mixed-use projects to revitalize the downtown core bringing in new restaurants, retail, office and residential buildings.