Boise market picks up as inventory remains low.

Bad blogger, bad blogger!! Sorry no posts for awhile but not for the lack of news or desire…just been working! Myself as well as most the agents I know have seen an definite uptick in the local real estate market and are hoping this is not a short lived turn. I think the word has trickled out that FHA mortgage insurance rates are taking another large jump in April and the minimum down-payment buyers may see their ratios jump enough that they may be left out in the cold.

On the national level as well as on the local level I believe the general consensus is if we are not at the bottom of the market we are bouncing around it. Of course we will never truly know when we have bottomed out until we are well on our way up and at that point those trying to time the bottom rung will have missed out. One thing we know for sure is that interest rates are still amazing and will likely only head in one direction, up! Buying power has never been stronger.

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