BSU – More than just a football team

It can feel a bit sacrilegious living in the land of the all mighty Broncos and not being a football fanatic. Ok, I’ll be flat out honest here – I’m not even a mild fan of the game. I will watch the Super Bowl with mild fascination of the fanaticism but mostly I just watch it for the commercials (and to sit close to my sweetie if there is one to sit close to). When people talk about Boise State University it is generally in reference to the amazing football team, end of conversation. My understanding is they are an amazing team, the little engine that could and could and could. It was even fun to watch my mom become a football fan, a phenomenon beyond comprehension but darling all the same.

So for this ardent ‘un-football-fan’ it does my heart good to see BSU recognized for something other than football. US News and World Report’s annual “America’s Best Colleges” issue names BSU amongst its up-and-comers for the second year in a row! In all only 68 universities have made the cut as “the most promising and innovative changes in the area of academics, faculty, student life, campus or facilities”. BSU was listed as #5!!

What does this have to do with real estate you ask? Having a university with a good reputation strengthens the entire community with cultural and educational opportunities generally not afforded non university towns. BSU is a major employer and the influx of students helps fuel the local economy. A strong university community is always viewed as a strengthening factor. As BSU continue to gain recognition on the playing field and in the classroom the entire valley benefits.

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