Buyer Beware!

It is amazing how much mis-information is floating around the internet! An out of state buyer brought to my attention today the website of a local Boise real estate agent. This buyer was rightly concerned by what he read!When buyers are looking at moving to a new area their search generally starts online, gathering information about schools, housing and the economy. Please don’t take what you see on real estate sites as the gospel truth – OK, if you are looking at my site :) This particular agent had a list of “typical Boise closing expenses” that had not one correct fee listed! In fact, his site claims there is a state tax transfer fee – this is a great BIG NO!!! There is NO STATE  TAX TRANSFER FEE in IDAHO, period!

You must ask questions of your real estate agent, and while you are at it find out their education level. Your best bet is to find an agent who works FULL TIME as a Realtor and has taken the time to get additional education. And if you receive conflicting information from 2 different agents ask a 3rd!

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