Idaho top job growth by 2012?

A friend had asked me a couple days ago if I had seen a best/worst housing markets predictions list the other day and if so what did I think of it. I hadn’t seen this particular article and when I did read it my comment to her was that I didn’t think much of it. There are always a lot of these “predictions lists’ in the beginning of a new year and they all vary hugely. None I had previously read named any of these same cities as being either best or worst. My friend was concerned because Boise made the list for a continuing drop in prices in 2011. I found this interesting as I had just finished reading the lead article in last weeks Time magazine which stated Idaho was one of three states that would lead the way in job recovery (Texas, Utah and Idaho are predicted to see the greatest job growth by 2012). One thing everyone can agree on is that much will not change until jobs stabilize. Once that happens housing prices WILL rise again.

The most humorous part of reading these online articles are the comments left. Reading these will confirm the overall readership intelligence level. There was a long string of comments extolling the brilliance of the readers who have decided it is much wiser to rent than to own. One guy finally thanked these brilliant minds for making him a wealthier man. I can guarantee you the wealthiest people in this country did not get these by being renters!

Please remember that these predictions are guesses at best. Talk to your local Realtor and find out what is going on in your market. I am amazed at the number of multiple offers we are seeing and frankly a lack of good inventory in the Boise market. 92% of Boiseans feel good about our city and the direction it is going. Take each moment and enjoy it, enjoy what you have, and read these prediction for what they are – a guess!

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