The Home on the Bench

To the west of Boise the gradient hues of pink illuminate the valley sky as evening passes into night. A quick moving summer storm resplendent with the requisite thunder and lightning filled our evening sky for a short time dropping our temperature from a high of 102 to an enjoyable, window opening temperature. It is evenings like this that leave me longing for a home with a view. I previewed just the home a couple weeks ago perched along the rim of the Boise Bench with a valley wide view available for the taking from its floor to ceiling windows.

Clients ask me all the time “don’t you just fall in love with all the homes you get to see” I have to answer them quite honestly “no”. That is not to say I don’t appreciate many of the homes I see for their varied attributes. I did fall in love with my house the moment I opened the door and stepped inside and have not regretted for a second calling this home. If buyers listened to that sigh from within that say’s “I’m home” they would end up purchasing the home there were meant to live in. After 10 years in my home and 8 years selling real estate it is rare for me to come across a home that invokes this kind of reaction in me. The ‘home on the bench’ has sparked that type of feeling in me. The only problem with my buying this home, besides the fact that I love the home I am in, is I would have to adopt a family of 6 to help me occupy all the space (giving us each 1000 sq feet to call our own).

No, this home is not one of my listings but I can still admire and try to find the right a buyer that would love and adore it as much as I. If you are looking for your own private Boise gem give me a call, I would love to find this home an owner that would appreciate its charms.

For a personal viewing or more information on this home call 208.74.1560, leave a comment or email me at

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