How housing inventory is hurting recovery.

The National Association of Realtors has recently reported that raw housing inventory is at a 13 year low nationally. I don’t know if locally (Boise/Meridian Idaho) we are that low as our statistics are not so readily available but we are down to levels I have never seen in 12 years as a licensed broker. Read more

Boise Real Estate Predictions 2012

Ah to just have a crystal ball! But then again with out any surprises life would seem a bit dull. The best anyone can do is take an educated stab at what life may hold so here it goes.  Read more

Idaho Unemployment Numbers Down!

Unemployment numbers have hit a 2 year low, dipping below the national average to 8.8%. Nationally the lower unemployment numbers are said to include an unknown number of individuals who have given up on the possibility of finding work…hope that isn’t the case locally! I do know that people are finding jobs here. Micron Technology for one has been on a major hiring frenzy this past year and the sad think is most of the recruits are coming in from out of the area. They seem to have exhausted our pool of local talent.

2011 feels a lot like 2006…

There are very oddly hot pockets in the market right now, namely REO properties. Each bank owned home I have written an offer on the past few weeks has had multiple offers (4 to 5 for each home). Read more