2013 Boise Real Estate Predictions

So how well did I do with last years predictions? On most points pretty good! Idaho unemployment sits at about 7.1% with a strong lead in construction. The number of distressed homes (short sales and bank owned) on the market continued to drop and has stayed pretty steady at about 24%. Read more

Boise’s Million Dollar Market

In the last couple days a few more $1,000,000+ homes have come on the multiple listing service which made we wonder just how many of these homes are for sale, how many have sold and how long will it take to sell this glut of McMansions? Read more

The dog eat dog real estate market

A couple years ago I predicted there would be a housing shortage. I was not alone in this stance, others had the same grumblings while much of America scoffed. Read more

Boise Housing Market Continues to See Improvement

Sometimes it feels like Boise is in a weird bubble of economic stabilization and growth. Although there are slow signs of recovery nationally Boise has become a bit of a boom town again. Read more