Boise Housing Inventory Dangerously Low

Who would have thought! Loads of qualified buyers out there and not enough to buy! The lack of choices is leading to buyer apathy and many just deciding to stay put. As of today on the MLS there are 2,371 active listing in all of Ada county (Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Star and Kuna!). Read more

The society of wanters

The third anniversary of the housing melt down in just a couple months away. I remember so clearly when the floor fell out and the economy took a nose dive. September 2008. My Mom had passed away almost a month to the day before this black cloud descended on the U.S. Some may think that is odd remember this so clearly Read more

Can you guess???

Are you searching for homes online? I challenge you to test your abilities to sniff out the short sales by viewing the pictures alone without reading the comments. It has typically been quite easy to tell which homes are bank owned because the lawns are brown and dead with occasional fixtures missing inside (say a stove or chandelier). But… Read more